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Web Architect


I am a front-end web architect and multimedia professor. With 20 years experience producing web presences, and 18 years teaching and designing multimedia courses for colleges, I have acquired a solid knowledge of  web technologies, accessible responsive design, and UX and UI.

-Ben Block

Professional Profile

I’ve created and launched hundreds (and hundreds) of websites –  from client portfolios to national and international organizations – using hand coded HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript, libraries, boilerplates and frameworks, and content management systems like WordPress and Drupal.

I currently share my knowledge at Humber and Sheridan colleges as a professor in both their media studies department, where I designed the courses I teach. I also spend part of my work week creating and consulting for branding agencies and government organizations. These days I have a real zest for security on the web, and enjoy learning new ways to protect custom content.

Recent Work

Recent Jobs

Recent Teaching

2013 – present

Web Architect – Canadian Home Care Association

Acquiring domains, domain security, multiple site creation, site customization in CSS and JavaScript, analytics, maintenance and site security

2016 – present

Web Architect – Branderos Agency

Lead web developer and consultant for branding agency. Semantic web development and analytics tracking for small to medium sized businesses.

2012 – 2014

Web Developer – Jag Communications

Develop and deploy website content for corporate clients. Graphics creation and editing, WordPress site creation, domain acquisition, email setup, https added.

2011 – 2014

Web Developer – Madhouse Advertising

Translated PSD layouts to HTML. Installed and modified WordPress and Drupal sites. Onsite client instruction. Custom child theme edits for WordPress sites. Site security.

2010 – 2011

Web Developer – Thompson Educational Publishing

Putting Canadian textbooks online with support material Interactive quizzes and content. Password protected with membership systems in WordPress and HTML with PHP.

2013 – present

Professor at Humber College

Designed and teach 30-week courses in beginner, intermediate, advanced web and all things photoshop in multiple certificate courses of Graphic Design for Print and Web (GDPW) and Wed Design, Development, and Maintenance (WDDM).

2012 – present

Professor at Sheridan College

Built accredited certificate Web Professional courses for HTML, CSS, Mobile Intro and Advanced, jQuery, Plugins, Bootstrap, WordPress, and Photoshop.  Produced and instruct weekend workshops. 

2005 – 2013

Professor at Toronto Image Works

Created, designed, developed, and deployed full-time 14-week multi-media courses in web, site maintenance and photoshop for a Private Career College.


Instructor – Ontario Works & Industry Canada

Taught the Microsoft Office Professional Plus Series
Designed and taught web and print Photoshop graphics
Taught the visually impaired to surf the web


Instructor – Toronto District School Board

Trained students in Adobe Suite programs (Print and Web)
Taught and created Computer Repair & Maintenance
Developed and instructed weekend web workshops


I’m a one stop shop for your web needs. I can set up your domain, email, security and backups. I can manipulate your images for web and branding. Create and convert video for web standards and maximum playback. Design  your site with mobile and user experience standards. Add custom JavaScript to your HTML or WordPress Sites, and even add custom codes to your WordPress core files. And optimise the whole shebang for fast downloads.

Domain, SSL & DNS Maintenance
Bootstrap & Frameworks
Javascript & jQuery
Mobile Standards



Private Career College – Toronto Image Works Institute

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